Thanks For Running Jon.

I’m a little saddened to hear that Jon Huntsman decided to pull out of the GOP race for Pres.

I’m also sad to hear he’s decided to endorse Mitt.  I don’t have a problem with Mitt…I mean I worry about his carefully poised style and his “vulture capitalism” but overall I don’t think he’s the worst thing to happen to the Republican party despite all the Republicans who are railing against him for not being more like Ron Paul.

I’m bummed.  Sure I’m a democrat, but I wanted someone who would give me a chance to try voting Republican for President.

I won’t vote for Santorum, and I won’t vote for Gingrich!

I can’t vote for Paul.


Thanks anyhow Jon.  I don’t get your choice to support Mitt, but I understand why you aren’t going to continue to run.




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