I Hate Whey Protein Pancakes!

OMG I hate whey protein pancakes.  I just made them and I ate them even though I wasn’t really prepared- hell, how can you be prepared to eat something that tastes like cardboard with a saccharine aftertaste?

I made them because I’m fat!  I am fat because I think I have some confused genes.  I have no idea whether I developed them over life, or if I was born with them, but I’m not going to accept thin people telling me I’m fat because I eat too much!  IT isn’t true.  I’m fat because my body has a tendency to build fat when I should be using food as fuel.

I’ve gone to my doctor and I’ve been told I need to lose weight and I try!  Despite my best intentions the weight piles on.  This is beyond frustrating and I’m really tired of being ashamed of my weight!  I eat because I’m hungry and I’m afraid my body is signalling me that it’s  hungrier than other people’s but it’s because of the way my body handles sugar spikes and insulin.  It isn’t because I’m a slob! It isn’t because I’m lazy.  I’m fat because my body doesn’t handle eating the way it should.

So my question is how can I fix it?  The Paleo diet or the Atkins diet, or some low carb diets seem to be one answer.  People who are eating a high protein diet lose fat and gain energy when they are prone to gaining excessive weight which can ultimately lead to diseases like heart disease and diabetes!

I found a recipe for pancakes that used whey protein.  I thought, hey, I have some of that.  So I put a couple of scoops in a bowl and added an egg and some water and some baking soda and vanilla and I poured it onto my griddle.

They didn’t rise.  They bubbled and stuck to the griddle.  I tore them off with my spatula and I added butter and a bit of wholesome maple syrup.

It was like eating those cardboard ice cream cones- but add a lousy aftertaste!  I forced my way through 2 of them but I really couldn’t eat the rest. ( it made 4 2 inch pseudo-pancakes)   Maybe that is what helps people on high protein diets lose weight?!  The food sucks!

Honestly though, it is a couple of hours after that slightly unpleasant breakfast treat and I’m not at all hungry.  Which might be how I’m supposed to feel after eating.  On the other hand it might be how one feels with undigested whey protein in their stomach.

I’ll try to keep up the hard work and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Wish me luck






9 thoughts on “I Hate Whey Protein Pancakes!”

  1. Yeah…. unless your doctor says otherwise you’re probably overweight, because you eat too much and don’t get enough exercise… It doesn’t meant that you’re a slob or lazy. In today’s day and age its easy to not get enough exercise and eat more than you need. Look at obesity rates in America; do you think all those people are just “slobs” or something? They just have bad eating habits like you and every other typical American. Why do I assume you have bad eating habits? Because you mentioned maple syrup and butter in a post about a healthy snack. =P

    My advice to you isn’t to cut carbs or go on some fad diet (not to say that they don’t work). What you want is a sustainable lifestyle change that you can do for the rest of your life. By now, I’m sure you know what is and isn’t healthy so use that common sense. Ice cream isn’t so great, but unsweetened yogurt is. Cheese burger probably not too good, but skinless grilled chicken breast is good.

    All in all losing weight comes to down to calories in vs. out (this is a law of thermodynamics; if you can manage to break this you are BREAKING PHYSICS). So work in some cardio into your weekly routine (the more you workout the less strict your diet needs to be). And plan your meals. Try to cook them yourself. You can even plan the occasional snack into your weekly diet. Just stick to your plan.

    But it comes down to you choosing you want to do it and knowing you will not accept no as an answer.

    To help you figure out what you should and shouldn’t be eating:

    Put simply. Strive for A & B food. C food is fine. Avoid D&F food completely.

    Hope this helped and good luck if you decide to make a serious effort to improve yourself.

    1. Hey,

      Thanks for taking the sting out of your remarks by not assuming I’m a “fat slob”. That makes it easier to read the rest of your advice. Actually, you have a lot of good points and I appreciate your sincere attempt to improve my health.

      My personal demon when it comes to my diet is sugar! It doesn’t matter what kind of sweetener it is, whether it is high fructose corn syrup, plain sugar, honey, or agave nectar all make me happy. I have a hard time avoiding sweetness. I know it’s also 100 percent true that when I “fast” I can go weeks without eating sugars and fats, but it’s like being on that proverbial wagon for me, if I fall off I fall back into bad behaviors. I’m a “sugar-holic”.

      Before I sign my name I would like to mention one other thought I’ve had, and that is that it is my feeling that our problem with diets is that we shouldn’t just be thinking about calories in/calories out. That kind of thinking seems a little dated to me. Instead I think that we have to look at how our bodies use and acquire energy, sure it’s about calories, but I think there is a bigger picture that has to do with insuring our bodies have all their metabolic needs met-I think that includes getting all the vitamins and minerals that might be lacking in an every day diet. That was why I was using whey protein in the first place, not necessarily to lose weight, but to improve my protein intake. I would love to be svelte, but I’m really striving for energy in my life.

      Thanks for commenting.


      1. Every source I’ve ever heard (medical doctors, nutrition experts, TV shows, magazines, web articles, random guys online) all say that weight loss comes down to calories in vs out. In fact all the diets you commonly hear about use things such as high protein for the sake of satiating you so you eat less (they ignore the fact that complex carbs with a lot of fiber satiate you well too). So I wouldn’t say that calories in vs. out is dated, but honestly not focused on enough.

        If you’re talking about simply being a healthy person then of course you need all your proper nutrients. I commend you on taking whey for that reason although I don’t think the average person needs whey and can get the protein they need from food. I do drink a lot of it, but I’m personally trying to build and maintain muscle. Anyway being at a healthy weight (not crazy, thin, just healthy enough that your doctor says its good) will give you energy and is a part of living a healthy life.

        As for your sugar problem. Have you tried to replace sweets with fruits? If that doesn’t work and you really can’t remove sugar just try working some of those sugary foods into your diet. You might have to eat a little less of other stuff or work out a little more, but in the end as long as you expel more calories than you intake that’s all that matters to weight loss. I’d say make the changes you can and deal with the rest later. No one’s expecting you to change you’re entire lifestyle over night.

        Of course if you’re not interested in weight loss you can ignore most of what I said, but I think the list of foods I posted earlier could help a lot with getting the nutrients you want. It covers good fats, good carbs, and lean protein.

      2. I’ve got to tell you I appreciate all that you are saying and I am glad you decided to bring your insight to this virtual space. Thank you.

        There are a lot of people who might benefit from the things you are saying and you seem to be offering your outlook in a genuine way. I’m going to invite you to send me something I can use to create a post about, so that your comments aren’t just relegated to the comment section.

        Think about it and if you decide you’d like to be a little more direct, then you are welcome at least for now, to send me something that will link directly to you in a featured post.

        Thanks again for your pep talk 🙂 I like your energy and I don’t even know who you are.


  2. I forgot the most important tip of all! Don’t rush into anything whether diet or exercise related. Ease yourself into new habits. So don’t expect to eat all grade A food on day one and don’t expect to run 5 miles on your first run. Gradually lower you calorie intake each week setting a new REASONABLE goal until you’re at a place you know you should be. Same with exercise.

  3. I’m not quite sure what you mean by send you “something.” You mean like a comprehensive list of tips for dieting/nutrition?

    1. Hi,

      I think I was asking for something I could use in an original post rather than something that is attached to a post in comment form. Sorry I confused you. Maybe you could send me a little background on your interest. A back story per se. If not, thanks again for reading and commenting.

      Take care,

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