Pottstown Hates Uggs!

What a way to make a splash in the surrounding area.  Our middle school is banning Uggs.  Sheesh.

Pottstown Middle School officials have really stepped in it.

Parents and students alike are in an uproar about the school’s recent ban of “open top boots” because kids have been allegedly using the footwear to sneak contraband into class.

The boots in question are mostly Uggs, Pottstown School District director of community relations John Armato told the Pottstown Mercury.

Though the letter sent home to parents Wednesday notifying them of the mid-calf boot ban did not specify what kind of contraband the middle school mules have been smuggling in their Uggs, cell phones and personal devices are strictly forbidden in class, reports the Mercury.

“Students may continue to wear outdoor boots to and from school to protect them from cold, snow and ice but need to change into a pair of sneakers or shoes before entering homeroom. Students may also continue to wear lace up, tight at the ankle, boots, shoes and high top sneakers,” Principal Gail Cooper wrote in the letter home.

Armato told the Mercury that the new rule is similar to the requirement that students take their winter coats and hats off when they get to school.

The ban goes into effect Monday.

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