Whooping Cough At Great Valley!

We talked about the possibility that this was going to be a big season locally for whooping cough a couple of weeks ago.  First the illness was in NJ, and then it was in Quakertown and now it’s made it to Great Valley High School.

So is that supposed to scare you?  NO, but you need to pay attention to colds that hang on.  This illness pretends to be a regular cough with regular cold symptoms, but then the cough hangs on for a couple of extra weeks and then patients cough so hard they can throw up, or turn blue from not being able to breathe in deeply.  The concern with this disease isn’t that it will kill most of the people who come down with it, but the problem is that it’s highly contagious and you can’t tell for 2 weeks or so whether you’ve picked up the virus, or you just have a cold.

I’m sorry that we have to worry about this, but it seems that the illness shows up every few years and we are due for it. Most children have gotten vaccinated against this virus but if your children haven’t then you might want to check with your physician or your health provider.

One more thing- the particles that are able to infect you are so incredibly small- don’t think that just avoiding someone who sneezes directly on you will keep you safe.  Just do your best to take extra care of yourself so that your immune system isn’t on the fritz!

Best of luck!



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