Erin Brockovich Doesn’t Like “Conversion Disorder” Either

Remember we were talking about the young ladies from LeRoy  High in New York.  There were 12 of them and they were all suffering from a malady that resembled what we now call Tourette’s Syndrome, or TS.  Evidence of the syndrome like behavior was strange body movements, or tics that the girls were displaying.

A doctor called their illness a “conversion disorder” which is an updated way of saying that they were suffering from hysteria.  There was nothing physically wrong with them, but they were experiencing true suffering because of anxiety or stress.

Personally I thought that was a rather neat way for doctors to handle an illness that was only infecting a small group of young women.  It’s easier to call them crazy than it would be to actually find out what the hell was causing their problems!

Guess what?  The issue isn’t going away as quickly as New York’s Department of Health had hoped it would and more people are starting to ask questions.

In doing some rather amateur research on my own I found out that there are several harmful chemical products that are in our environment that could cause the kind of neurological damage that these young women are experiencing.  Now I’m no Ph.D and yet I can see that there are potentially harmful substances in the New York area- so why can’t anyone else in authority up there?

To be perfectly honest there was a big train derailment back in 1970.  I know you are saying to yourself that that was a long time ago, right?  But the problem with that response is that the government data on cleaning up the site had some problems with the effluent getting into the atmosphere back in 2009.  Now I’m no genius but if there has been work on this site since 1970 and they are still not done- then I’m okay with leaving that as a potential problem for these young ladies.

Some of you might be asking why would it only be young women?  Well, it’s a hormone thing.  See, some of the chemicals that we have been hiding from are pretty scary when it comes to pretending to be natural hormones.  They sort of have an affinity for certain parts of the body.  Certain parts of the developing body.  Certain estrogenic parts.  And when those body parts start changing or activating their certainly might be a problem with the women who are relying on them!

But of course all of that worry is theoretical.  There are no conclusive tests that will prove that young developing young women have to worry about pollutants!  I mean, mostly we have tests on mice and rats.  But um, I better not tell you about the tests on them because in one of them the males were so incensed in each others presence that they all had to be caged individually so as not to attack each other constantly.

Go figure.

Have these chemicals been shown to kill anyone?  NO!   Do they kill lab animals at the dosages that we can assume humans living in that area are getting?  That answer would also probably be an emphatic no.  But can they cause neurological and other serious consequences in humans?   Sadly that looks like it’s gonna have to remain a strong “maybe”.

Beyond that trivial concern there is another tiny problem in the LeRoy area and in the area of the LeRoy High School in particular!  Ready?  Read this from the Batavia news:

Five natural gas wells owned by the LeRoy school district ring the junior/senior high school building, which opened in 2003. The wells have undergone the controversial procedure known as hydraulic fracturing, state environmental officials said. About 25 Western New York school districts own gas wells, though none have more active wells than Le Roy.

“We believe that it would be premature to draw any correlation between these tragic and unexplained illnesses and the gas wells on the school’s playing fields,” said Roger Downs of the Sierra Club’s Atlantic Chapter. “But we have seen no evidence that these wells were adequately considered by the Department of Health as potential contributing factors to the illnesses in the initial investigation.”

Rumors persist that the school or ground sit atop rock and soil trucked in from a part of Le Roy still suffering the after-effects of a huge spill of the toxic solvent trichloroethylene in a 1970 train derailment.

Now why would Erin B. want to join with the Sierra Club in asking some tough questions about the students at LeRoy?

By the way, where there were 12, now there are 15.

I’ll keep watching!




1 thought on “Erin Brockovich Doesn’t Like “Conversion Disorder” Either”

  1. i am shocked at the recent news- i had know idea there were 5 wells! I hope Erin exposes the truth of whats happening to these young women at Leroy HS – I am sad they have to deal with something so horrible at such a time in young persons life that is hard enough as it is – trying to fit in, figure out who you are, peer pressure, school pressure, etc. and at the same try to balance it all out so you can enjoy, prom, first jobs, college acceptance, graduation! Anyway my heart goes out to the 15 young women who are being adversely affected by these neurological complications. I hope Erin Brockovich, can shed light on whats going on and help these girls! My prayers are with them and their families, and the town of Leroy! Also one last note ban hydrofracking!
    Rochester NY

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