Towels and Acne!

Sheesh.  Did you know that there is a man made substance that bleaches towels that kids are using all the time to clean their faces because of raging acne?  That is right!  The product is Benzoyl Peroxide.

Now don’t go getting all upset because I’m warning you about the bleaching action of a topical skin product.  You may choose to use that product and I don’t care.  If it works for you then use it, but it bothers me that there is such a push for young people to get rid of their acne and yet, they are being asked to use a product that could be harmful!

How weird is that?

You know what is weirder to me?  That flour is bleached with benzoyl peroxide.




1 thought on “Towels and Acne!”

  1. I agree completely with you. Benzoyl Peroxide only kills acne-causing bacteria and does not really cure acne as after that acne come back again and worse.
    I prefer curing my acne naturally.

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