Bringing Foot Traffic To Pottstown!

When we talk about bringing increased foot traffic to Pottstown we have to recognize that we aren’t making it easy for people to get into town.  While we have parking we don’t have signage that goes along with it, and honestly we don’t have a lot of parking that is free, it isn’t very expensive, but we have a meter lady that is pretty efficient.  One ticket is enough to sour a visitor I’ll bet. And do we really need the parking officer?   I’m not so sure that is helping Pottstown bring traffic into town.

I mean, look at the parking lot on Hanover Street down by the “Gateway to Pottstown” from Chester County….the ten cent spaces there are rarely filled and why should they be?  Right next to that lot you have the huge vacant lot where the old AAA was.  And across the street there is usually open spaces near the paint store, but who parks in these lots?

Throughout some of the other downtown areas you have residential parking areas and 3 hour parking areas and huge lots that are relatively vacant but that have warning signs posted all over.  If I didn’t know my way around Pottstown I’d be worried about driving in and parking.

For a town with so many apparent open parking spaces it’s pretty silly to act so worried about folks actually parking in any of them!  Just think about it.




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