A Little Silliness!

I found a couple of adorable ‘signs’  that aren’t exactly the kind of things you’d want to post anywhere others would see them, but they are fun to think about nonetheless…ready? 🙂


Some people just need a high 5

In the face

With a chair!


Or how about this one?

If you are going to act like a turd, 

go lay in the yard!


Or my favorite for today-

I am responsible for what I say

Not for what you don’t understand about what I say!

Have a great day!






Do I Have Enough Friends?

I know that is a whacky question.  What number equals enough when it comes to friends?  Is it two really intimate relationships that makes you healthy?  Or is it better to have 10 people who you consider your ‘bff’s’.

The truth is there is no answer!  However, it appears that scientists are busy asking if there is a correlation between friends and brain size.  Well, not brain size in general, but particular areas of the brain.

I was reading an article published by the Royal Society  on the number of Facebook friends that a person has and their ‘focal brain structure’.  In very simple terms it appears that there is a difference between social online network friends and ‘real friends’.  And different areas of our brains do in fact correspond to relationships with what we’ll call ‘real friends’ and social networks of friends.  The science has become rather precise in that they can now theorize about  individual differences in brains.  People with very high numbers of online social network friends seem to be naturally better at ‘pairing faces’.  They are also better at recognizing movements like hand waving or body touching but there isn’t any true understanding of why that part of the brain is supportive of online social environments.

I found this list of questions fun-  This list gives scientists a hint as to how many friends a person has.  Ready to check yourself?  Here goes:

Social network size questionnaire

Eighty participants were recruited from the UCL student community (28 males; mean age 22.1 ± 2.9 (s.d.) years). The questionnaire was adapted from Stileman & Bates [33]. It consisted of the following nine questions.

  • — How many were present at your 18th or 21st birthday party?

  • — If you were going to have a party now, how many people would you invite?

  • — What is the total number of friends in your phonebook?

  • — Write down the names of the people to whom you would send a text message marking a celebratory event (e.g. Birthday, Christmas, new job, good exam result, etc.). How many people is that?

  • — Write down the names of people in your phonebook you would meet for a chat in a small group (one to three people). How many people is that?

  • — How many friends have you kept from school and university whom you could have a friendly conversation with now?

  • — How many friends do you have on ‘Facebook’?

  • — How many friends do you have from outside school or university?

  • — Write down the names of the people of whom you feel you could ask a favour and expect to have it granted. How many people is that?

Apparently I could use more friends, particularly the type that I can ask a favor of and expect to have it granted! 🙂

Is there anyone out there with a Fairy Godmother or Fairy Godfather complex that needs to make someone happy?  I’m available!





Why Blackberry’s are Better Than Flat Screen Phones

I know RIM, the makers of Blackberry’s are a little worried about the health of their phones but I’ve got to tell them that their phones are really helpful for a lot of people and until you can speak into your phone with high quality voice recognition software then it’s going to be tough to replace the keyboards that are part of the Blackberry design.

When you are driving down the highway you actually can manipulate the keyboards on a Blackberry, in Iphones or other flat screen phones you have to see the keyboard.  Of course there are add on units that allow you to have a keyboard attached – it’s still easier to operate a Blackberry.

Which phone do you use?  And how do you use it?




Keep Driving Beneath the Speed Limit!

I don’t think I need to tell my readers to respect the laws when it comes to driving, but to be perfectly frank, sometimes I have to watch my own speed.  And while I don’t want to spread rumors about police hiding out to catch speeders I have to say I’ve noticed a few of Pottstown’s finest sitting in lots with their headlights on as if they are just waiting to be called into action.

I see the police out and around town all the time, but most of the time you see them just driving about.  No, that isn’t true, last week I saw someone pulled over on High Street and I have to tell you they must not have had everything that they needed to satisfy the officer, but he was so patient and concerned and he seemed full of information- I almost wanted to get pulled over!

Just kidding.

Let’s just save ourselves the trouble and the potential hazards.  Drive the speed limit!





Huge Solar Flare!

When I was a kid I never thought about solar storms!  Now that I’m an adult it freaks me out that there can be a storm on the sun and it can impact earth. But that is exactly true.  We are going through a solar storm right now that is bigger than any that have been seen lately. The last biggie was in 2005.

Okay, so what will this solar storm do?  Well, it’s going to blast earth with radiation, or it is going to blast radiation and Earth is in it’s way.  The real concern according to NASA is for astronauts in space, or for space equipment.  Which means that we might have to worry here on Earth about some disruptions in things like cellular towers, or computers- but most likely the only thing Earthlings will notice is that the aurora borealis, or the pretty Northern Lights might move a little farther south.

Sorry folks, we are too far south!  So there you have it, big solar storm, with no serious complications for most of us, unless you want to freak out about the extra radiation associated with it- in that case don’t go out till Thursday! 🙂




I Won Free Gas!

My workplace has a fun trivia type game that can net the winners some free gasoline!  I remember being given the game sheet and I don’t remember what happened next, but with my proclivity for knowing odd and unusual stuff I’m not surprised that I won!!!!

I know it’s silly to get so excited about winning 25 dollars but it’s a big deal these days and I’m absolutely glad I know lots of ‘trivial information’.  I don’t think they’ll let me win back to back games, but I’m pretty pleased to have won something.

Of course I’ll probably use most of it in driving back and forth to work around town,but hey!  I would have been paying to do that anyhow!