I’ve Got LeRoy’s Girls On My Mind! Especially Lori Brownwell

Remember I was telling you about those young women suffering bizarre tourette’s like symptoms up in Western New York?  It appears that folks aren’t standing for the “conversion disorder” diagnosis and the National Institute of Health is going to look over all the girls cases.

In the meantime those kids are suffering and I can’t imagine how stressful it must be for those young ladies who have literally had their lives turned upside down.  These were according to what we know healthy young women and now they are victims of their own bodies and no one knows why!

We do know that Erin  Brockovich is looking into it, but what good does that do the young girls that have to suffer with this debilitating illness?  So I got to thinking that there has to be something that will help them- forget about why they developed this, or how they developed it, let’s figure out what will help them!

I listened to one of the young ladies, her name is Lori Brownwell.  She’s actually at the point where it hurts her to keep performing the tics.  Her grandmother created some hand mits to protect her from the pain of clapping her hands together.  That almost made me cry!  So I started hunting for answers for Lori.

Of course I’m no professional, but I’m concerned that Lori and some of her peers have been taking medicine to stop depression, anxiety and moodiness.  I don’t know that for a fact, but I’m concerned.  What we aren’t told is that in mice OCD is associated with Tourettes.  They are comorbid.  These mice have soemthing different going on in their brains-they have too much ‘striatal glutamate’.  The medication that Lori says she was prescribed in one of the videos works to combat that without causing catalepsis or in simple terms without making a zombie out of her.  But rather than just giving her another medication Iwas wondering if there were any natural pathways to shut down the overabundance of the striatal glutamate, or sugar like substances in the brain.  Well,  it turns out that there might be.  Children who suffer from epilepsy have traditionally  been placed on a ‘ketogenic diet’.    Imagine it as an Atkin’s type diet of high fat and low carbs.  This diet actually flips the brain’s operating system from one of sugars to one of ketones.  Brains can do that and in epileptic children that has often been enough of a change to inhibit seizures.

If I were Lori’s mom, I’d find a nutritionist or a physician who is familiar with ketogenic diets.  It certainly won’t solve the problem.   And unfortunately  it might not  work either, but it’s a shot.

I’m a nobody.  I’ve got no business telling Lori Brownwell what I think she should be doing.  She’s probably got plenty of doctors looking at her case right now. But I am a mom!  Lori?  Try the diet.  See if it minimizes your seizures then we’ll find out how you developed them!





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