Freaky Lake Vostok

This evening you can read an article over at Fox news about missing scientists in the Antarctic.  If you check further you’ll find that US News and World Report says Fox flubbed and they aren’t lost, or missing, they just haven’t talked to American scientist John Priscu who has been studying some  of the ice cores since Russia started looking at a lake buried under all of the ice.

Oh yeah, I didn’t tell you that this lake is under 2 miles of ice.  The Russians have a base there and about 30 or 40 years ago they started thinking about an anomaly under the ice.  It turns out that there is a lake about the size of Lake Ontario hiding under the ice.  And Russian scientists have been drilling down to it for the past ten years.

They are only able to drill when the temperatures aren’t wintery down there.  In winter the temperature dips to down near 90 degrees Celsius which is around the same number farenheit- ( I didn’t check for the actual number, but I do know that in warm temperatures we are talking about negative 37 degrees celsius which is about negative 35 farenheit.  Freaky.

Another oddity about the land with lakes hiding underneath of it is that in some places the magnetic field is dramatically diffferent which suggests that the crust of the planet is thinner which might explain the warmth of the underground lakes.

On the other hand natural light might be filtering down through the ice to allow the same kind of bacteria and life forms to grow down there that grow elsewhere on the planet- No one will know till the water is released after they pierce through the ice.

I bet you are wondering how they’ll access this ice to test it.  There seems to be a lot of gas that is pressurized down there and when they bore through the ice the water underneath will spew out at the surface.  At least that is what they think will happen.

It’s fascinating and freaky to think about Lake Vostok.  It will be quite a source of pride for Russia if those scientists find new life forms.  It will mean an awful lot of fresh new sources of water.  And who knows what else we’ll find down there?

Personally I am not so surprised that the US has sent more troops to Australia.  Today in New Zealand they have an article in their media about a surprise visit from the American military.  It seems that they too just wanted to spend a few days right now exploring their base in the Antarctic.

I don’t know enough about this whole story.  I was surprised that there was any activity on an underground lake. But don’t you worry, I’ll keep looking for more information and if I find it I’ll share it!




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