Our Deepest Sympathy To Alicia Schmidt’s Family

Alicia Schmidt, a young mother, is gone.  I didn’t know her, I don’t know her children and yet I’m still aching with the news of her death.  It’s not fair that she died.  It’s not right.  I want to fix this irreparable damage even though I know there is no fixing it.  Alicia has been murdered and it probably wasn’t a stranger that hurt her.  That is what makes me hurt the most.

Someone said that Pottstown has a lot of domestic violence.  Maybe it’s the economy.  Maybe it’s that Pottstown has a lot of folks who have been in trouble with the law already and their stress level is higher?  Or maybe  people are just becoming more brutish in general- and maybe it has nothing at all to do with being in this town.

What difference does it make?  From what we think we know Alicia and her “intimate friend” had several domestic altercations, at least that is  if the comments from one of her former neighbors are true.  We know that the man who was living with her contacted his former wife and told her he might have killed her.  We know she was found dead. God?!   It’s so damned wrong.

What do we do about it?!

I’ve got nothing.  There are no answers.  The only thing I can think to do is to mourn.





3 thoughts on “Our Deepest Sympathy To Alicia Schmidt’s Family”

  1. Alicia was my fiance’s sister. So many people loved her and she will be missed very much. I dont think one day could go by without thinking of her. How quickly her existence has become a painful memory. She leaves behind a 7 year old daughter, and a 12 year old son. Rest in Peace Alicia Jules Marie Schmidt. </3

  2. This is such an unfortunate situation. I and my husband and a few other family members met them both a few years ago when we bought a Rainbow (vaccum/air cleaner) and we also began working for them for a short time. They both trained us in their new office in Willow Grove. Alicia is actually the one that came to my home and did the demonstration and we bought it that night. When I heard of this news during my daily news check up on nbc10.com, my heart just dropped (and ached). I feel so bad for the kids. I just often wonder. If you can’t get along, isnt it easier to just separate in stead of making each other’s life miserable…on another note, he should have stayed with his wife

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