Sharing the Road With Bikes Now PA Law!

CBS news in Philly is reporting that Governor Corbett has signed new legislation that will require that drivers drive around bike riders!  Here is more:

“One of the main highlights is it basically requires motorists to give a bicyclist basically a four-foot swath of safety around them. But in doing this, it also allows motorists to pass bicyclists, allowing for that four foot safety distance, even if it’s in an area that would say ‘no passing’. It allows you to cross the double yellow line, if you can safely do so.”

Chizmar says bicyclists travelling slower than the flow of traffic will also have to make all reasonable efforts not to impede vehicle traffic, while motorists will be prohibited from making any kind of turn that would interfere with a bicyclist. Violators are subject to a $25 dollar fine plus costs.


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