Squirrels in The Attic!

Did you know that squirrels have babies in February so that by March there are lots of new baby squirrels running around?

Well, I know it!  And I know how annoying it is to have a little squirrel intent on moving into my house!  But I’m not letting a little squirrel family move in.  It happened last year and I hated it.  We put up screening to keep them out but the little dickens are still up there trying to gnaw their way into a nice cozy house.


So if you drive by and you see me whacking my downspout or gutters with a broom handle you’ll know why.  I’m using natural squirrel prevention and I’m betting my little expectant squirrel is going to have to choose another house to live in pretty darn quick.

Or I will 🙂




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