Watch Out For News Over The Weekend!

I’m no conspiracy theorist!  I’ve got to say that a few times- even to myself sometimes.  I do not believe in conspiracies!  But I’m wondering about the news cycle when an important piece of news isn’t discussed on the regular weekly news programs and it  just shows up on a Saturday night!

The story about the Gardasil for boys is  one of those stories that I think could have come out earlier in the week but didn’t.  Don’t tell me it wasn’t news before the CDC published their reports…we have talented science journalists…surely they realized this would be a compelling story.  But they didn’t mention it, or it didn’t become big news.

Expect this to be a story in the next week or so.

Speaking of news stories, I expected to hear something from the Vostok Base in Antarctica.  I have a funny feeling about that story.  I’m not doubting the Russians are exploring the ice and a Lake beneath the ice.  But I’m not hearing anything about this Lake Vostok in the Russian news!  Why is that?

I have been searching Moscow’s headlines, I’ve read Itar-Tass. I looked in Russian science journals.  Nada

But my cable provider will be airing a movie called “The Thing” that was out in the 80’s about a group of scientists who were exploring the Antarctic and found a monster!

Hmmm.  That is quite a coincidence isn’t it?

Fox news has a story that says the Russians were radio silent, they are worrying about them being lost.  England’s papers have been writing about the concerns that the scientists are not responding to their AMERICAN peers.




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