Think Shippensburg Vending Machine Could Sell “SpermCheck”

Now men can pay 40 bucks to find out whether they have enough sperm to impregnate a woman.  Walgreens and CVS will start selling the kit by April.  I wonder if Shippensburg can get it to put into their vending machines?

Here is a bit of the story-

Walgreens and CVS, two of America’s largest drugstore chains, are starting to sell a fertility test that will enable men to determine if they are producing enough sperm to get a woman pregnant.

The two drugstores have already made SpermCheck Fertility available online.

Walgreens will begin selling the $40 test across its 7,800 US stores this April.

The test, owned and distributed by ContraVac Inc., comes in a blue-and-gold box and features a smiling couple holding a newborn.

It will add to the nearly two dozen varieties of female fertility tests available in Walgreens stores and fill a longstanding gap between male and female fertility tests.

“There is nothing like it on the shelf,” Maeve Egner of Fusion Marketing, the company hired to help market SpermCheck, told Bloomberg News.

“It’s plugging a gap,” he added.


1 thought on “Think Shippensburg Vending Machine Could Sell “SpermCheck””

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