Big Business in America Means Global Governance!

I was interested to see some of the funding streams behind Rick Santorum.  For example one of his biggest contributors was Verizon  but it was interesting to me that they are working with Vodaphone a UK company.

He’s also been financed by Bank of America, but you can check them out yourself to see if they are in fact an American company.

Then there is Exelon, a company that I know bought PECO but that is headquartered in Chicago.  They are working with a company with it’s headquarters in France, EDF, which is the parent company to a unit that operates Nuclear power plants in New York and Maryland.

GlaxoSmithKline is also a foreign entity with sales in the US.

So when Rick says he’ll listen to the American people…who is he talking about?  Is he talking about the American employees of global companies?  Or the business executives of global companies?  Or is he talking about the folks that wear sleeveless vests in diners all over America?

What do you think?



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