Pottstown Suspect Caught in Florida!

Wow.  What a quick grab that was.  A murder here on Thursday left a mother dead and her partner who is under suspicion disappeared.  Then on Tuesday night he shows up in a casino parking lot in Florida in the deceased’s car and a Tribal Police Officer nabbed him because his license plate was stolen and he appeared suspicious as he was rustling around in the car.  The officer nabbed him after finding out he was wanted for questioning in the murder of Alicia Schmidt.

Is that fast or what?

I was wondering what the magic was that Florida law enforcement had that connected a stolen license plate to a murder so quickly and it turns out that it is a system that logs criminal information so that officers can run plates, or names, or social security codes, or security exchange notes into the system and it will tell them what the status is.  It’s a ‘teletype check’.  And this system is available nationwide!

Only law enforcement members are allowed access to this information but it makes me wonder if it is used more thoroughly in some communities than in others.  I don’t imagine the Tribal police officers have to explain to state authorities how they are using the technology.  I am going to guess that it’s available to them to use as they see fit and as long as they are careful with the information then there aren’t any problems.

I’m glad that suspects are apprehended that quickly!  I’m a little worried though about the names and identities of Americans being broadcast on a computer data base that can be used abroad- by other authorities.  See, I don’t quite understand the relationship between Tribal Police Officers and State or Nationally authorized officers.

But then, what does it matter right?  I’m not a criminal.  But I did notice that missing people were on that list.  Children who run away are on that list.  Terrorists are on that list.  People who have had felony convictions are on that list.  People being sought by law enforcement agencies are on that list.  Vehicles identification numbers are on that list.  It’s a big list!

I guess I’m just thinking that if a parking garage snaps pictures of license plates as guests pull in…which we know might already be happening.  That list of plates could automatically be checked against the NCIC list.  Also, in the casino, all bills could be checked against the crime data base.  Computers are that fast anymore.

Incredible isn’t it?!



PS- I AM NOT A TERRORIST, AND I NEVER WANT TO BE ONE!  It’s not my fault my brain always says ” hmmmph, isn’t that interesting”.


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