Some Bloggers in Pottstown Dont’ Dig Me!

When I started blogging about Pottstown I was pretty alone.  There were a few resources for information but they were pretty mainstream.  I wasn’t interested in being a journalist and I never pretended I was one.   My blog wasn’t an aggregation of local news- it has always been my place for talking about things I’m interested in!

A lot has changed in a couple of years.  Now you can find a plethora of blogs that talk about stuff in the Pottstown area.   Perhaps I can take a little pride in that.  I mean if I was doing such a complete and thorough job then who else would have waded in? 🙂

I’m going to stick to my style if we can call it that.  And what is my style?  Look, I’ve been at the front of the pack rattling sabers in the past.  It was a waste of energy in my opinion.  I’m not saying it isn’t worth fighting for things you believe in, but there comes a time when you decide to grow up and you do your own thing without worrying about what other people think of your style.  I think that is where I am.

If you think I should be doing more for this community- why not  go look in a mirror and practice telling me that you think I should do more!

In the meantime I’m going to keep doing my thing.  I have an entire life beyond this blog.  It’s a life that you won’t see much evidence of on here.  We are all going to have to be okay with that!




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