Purple Squirrel Nonsense!

Yes, I know that there was a purple squirrel found in Pennsylvania.  I do believe that the squirrel was purple!  What I can’t believe is all the nonsense about how it got that way.

Okay, I’m no genius, but I’m going to tell you how that squirrel got purpled.  But before I do, I’m going to tell you all the ways he DIDN’T get purpled.  Ready?

1. It was not grape jello.

2. It was not a porta-potty.

3. It was not his natural hair color.

4. It was probably not printers, although printers could actually have the material that the squirrel was empurpled with in their ink.


It is my firm belief that this poor squirrel was either the victim of a jokester or the patient of an animal lover.  You see, there is a product on the market, it’s an over the counter ‘medication’ if you will called gentian violet.  It comes in liquid form and you can mix it into an ointment to apply it.

Gentian violet has been used in the past for things like ringworm, or pinworms, it is used for breast diseases, and thrush which is an illness from an overabundance of yeast. Women are sometimes prescribed it for genital difficulties.  Babies have used it as sort of a natural remedy for the thrush.

You can buy it at local pharmacies.  So it’s not that hard to get.  You can get it   online from natural health stores.

It is not from the actual ‘gentian violet’ it is just very similar in color.  It actually has different shades, but generally it’s a very purple color.

It has been used in the past to mark squirrel populations because it’s very hard to recognize squirrels when you are trying to get stats on them.  It also would be used as I said if a squirrel had sores, or had some skin abrasions.  It also could be used as a joke by someone who has a lactating female, or an infant at home who used it to protect them from an overabundance of yeast.

My concern is that since it can  be used by wildlife specialists to either protect or count wild squirrels I would not touch a purple squirrel!  I’m not foolish enough to imagine that a squirrel illness will rub of off on humans, but since I couldn’t say why the squirrel was purple, I would just accept I saw it and I’d let it get on with it’s own life.

Of course I didn’t put gentian violet on that squirrel, so I can’t be 100 percent positive, but I’ve just about had enough of silly ideas.  Tonight I saw in the Christian Science Monitor a headline asking if it fell in a Porta-Potty?!

Don’t  believe me?  Check out Pelusa the Bear.  That is a polar bear that was dyed purple because of a skin disease.  In this case the gentian violet was put into an ointment and it was slathered all over the bear.  Also check using it to mark squirrels!

There.  I feel better.





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