Will The Catholic Church Recognize Andropause?!

Earlier today I was posting about my own concern about the Catholic Churches concern that women receive hormones to prevent births.  Of course you know that that is what we are told the standard birth control pills consist of right?  They are just hormones given throughout the month that cause a woman’s body to regulate away a possible birth.

The Church objects to having to offer birth control pills as a form of health care, but there are plenty of women who are taking the pills for other reasons than birth control!  For example, women with excessive bleeding may need to take them so that they don’t bleed constantly.  Older women may take them just to get extra estrogen and progesterone.  Let’s just say that there are multiple reasons to take these hormones and they aren’t all about preventing babies!  But the Church is standing against having to offer them as a part of their employees healthcare and it looks like the White House might cave on it.

Now I’d like to ask if the Catholic Church is willing to give men testosterone?  See, there is apparently a decrease in testosterone as men age and some men have less than others in the first place.  Lack of this male hormone might cause male breast growth, or lack of facial hair, or lack of a sex drive.  So once again I’m going to ask if the Catholic Church, and all of the fundamentalist churches that agree with their policies will stand against men getting a sexually stimulating hormone for male difficulties?




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