Bigger Issues We Aren’t Talking About Locally!

You know what?  There is so much we don’t know it’s ridiculous!  Like we don’t know that Russia is threatening Japan over some islands.

We don’t know that students in the UK are doing so poorly at mathematics that Universities are thinking about dropping math as a core subject that students need to learn to get a degree.

We don’t know that China, no matter how important we think they are, is only a small portion of the economic wealth in Asia.

We don’t know that marijuana, or hemp doesn’t seem as disruptive to lung function as tobacco use does.

These stories are occurring right now and they are all being reported on, but most of us don’t care!

I’ll keep sharing what I find that is cool around the world.  You can look it up if it interests you!  If someone wants links, then let me know.

I’m back to find fascinating news.





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