BB’s Grocery Outlet in Morgantown!

Okay, I’ve been there and now I can tell you it’s not quite the same atmosphere as the old place but it has a lot more items and for that it’s worth going and taking a look around.

You will find a large produce section.  A large dairy section.  You’ll find sort of outdated deli meats but hey, they taste good.  You’ll find ice cream and desserts.  There is bread and snacks and cleaning products as well as an entire aisle of pet food items.

There is a lot there!  I’d recommend going if you are a die hard shopper.  I went on Saturday and that probably wasn’t the best day to go because it was packed, but I’d certainly go again.

Oh, I forgot to tell you where it is.   If you head all the way up Rte 23 to Morgantown and you see the Pizza Hut on your left ( coming from Pottstown) then look for the driveway.  It is the old Martins’.  Where they used to have a little gift shop they now have a thrift shop that had a lot of pet items and computer parts. It’s bigger, a little messier, but chock full of savings if you are a smart shopper.

What the heck?   if you have nothing better to do and you are headed out that way, check it out.

I bought a   vacuum  sealed pork loin and some mexican sour cream.  I also got a veggie tray for a dollar and sixty nine cents.  Those are things that cost upward of 6 to 8 dollars at the supermarket.  I know what fresh veggies look like!  Just because a package hasn’t been sold doesn’t mean it’s worthless.  I bought the veggies! I also got some butterflied shrimp that were dipped in coconut and I got 5 lbs of cheese for less than 20 bucks.





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