Phew, The US Already Knew About Cancer and Titanium Nanoparticles!

First the good news- The US has already published concerns  in the media about titanium nanoparticles!  While France published a study in their news today that featured chickens, America has done it before, but with mice and their DNA was damaged by the nanoparticles! Read this-

The researchers said they found that once in the system, the nanoparticles accumulate in different organs because the body has no way to eliminate them. Because they are so small, they can go everywhere in the body, even through cells, and may interfere with sub-cellular mechanisms.

In the past, titanium nanoparticles have been considered non-toxic since they don’t incite a chemical reaction. Instead, it is surface interactions that the nanoparticles have within their environment — in this case inside a mouse — that causes the genetic damage, Schiestl said. They wander throughout the body causing oxidative stress, which can lead to cell death.

“This is the first comprehensive study of titanium dioxide nanoparticle-induced genotoxicity, possibly caused by a secondary mechanism associated with inflammation and/or oxidative stress,” Schiestl said. “Given the growing use of these nanoparticles, these findings raise concern about potential health hazards associated with exposure.”

The study appears in the journal Cancer Research.


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