Shooting Your Daughter’s Computer Ain’t Healthy!

I’m not falling for the nonsense that that fool father in North Carolina had every right to shoot a laptop because his 15 year old daughter disrespected him.  It actually makes me sick to think that some people think that is appropriate behavior!

Was it okay cause he had a cowboy hat on?  Was it okay cause he was sitting in a field?  Would it be okay at your son’s little league game?  Or would it be okay if it was your neighbor taking potshots with his weapon out back in his adjoining yard?

Come on people!  This is aggressive behavior and parents shouldn’t be acting this way with their children!  For cripes sake, this Dad needs lessons in being a civil adult.  While he’s taking them how about we give him some  lessons in parenting, and why don’t we  throw in some anger management classes for fun.  Sheesh

I watched the video because it’s viral.  People are talking about it and I had to say over and over again, no, I didn’t watch it because I thought it was going to be irritating and stupid….and you know what?  I guessed right!  It was highly irritating and stupid.

First we’ve got an ” IT Professional” that  takes 6 hours to add Windows Professional to his kid’s machine.  Wonder why I think that is what this moron did?  Because it would cost about that much for the software!  It wasn’t like he was adding games.  He said he was getting it ready for his daughter to use for school.  I’m going to take a wild guess here  and figure  that he bought her a laptop equipped with Windows Starter!  Straight off the shelf that might not have all the software she needed for school.  Unless North Carolina’s schools are so much more advanced than the rest of the nation, she needed updated programs like Word,  Excel,  Powerpoint.  What kind of  IT pro is he  that he didn’t purchase a machine with that already installed.  Honestly, you could get a knock-off version of any of the programs and install it without buying the license, but if that it what this fool is bragging about doing, then he’s really dumb.

Young people are allowed to vent!  If parents are going to be shamed when their child says they don’t like cleaning floors or pouring coffee then they need serious help!  What other method do we offer young folks to handle their frustrations?  What power do they have as young people?  What can they do when they disagree with parenting styles?

If you answered ‘nothing’ then you get a star! They have no power.  Kids have no way to get out of a bad situation.  They can’t object.  They can’t pull faces, or smirk, or object to having to do menial work.  They are property to some people and that certainly isn’t healthy.

And beyond that the acrimony of some people is outrageous.  Is that really where we are as a society?  Do we really want to say it’s okay for parents to unload guns on their kids items?  If children could insure their personal laptops then trust me, insurance companies would pressure legislators to create laws that would not allow parents to blow them to smithereens.  But kids don’t have power!

What is the difference between American’s calling for a teen “bitch” to get her ass handed to her and a country that believes in honor killings?  I’m suggesting it’s a fine line!

It’s not okay.  NOT.







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