Sandusky Sentiments!

I think that Jerry is getting a bad wrap.  I don’t want to forgive him if he’s convicted  of molesting young boys, but he hasn’t been tried yet and it’s tough for me to agree with everyone who wants him quarantined inside his house  so he can’t see other human beings, or that they can’t see him.  What is up with people wanting to punish him already?!

Let’s let this play out in a court of law!  Let’s let our judges decide the case!  That is what is happening, I say we support what the judges decide along the way.

Like in this situation I think the judge who ruled that he can see  his grand kids had it right.  If there has been no harm done to them, why bar him from seeing them?  He hasn’t been to court yet!  Look at that Josh Powell case where there was suspicion about his wife’s disappearance and there were young boys.  In that case the boys were removed from his care because of porn at his father’s home and he was allowed supervised visits!  In his case it had actually gone to court, not for the mother’s murder, or disappearance, but because of the material found on the father’s computer.  There was an actual case where we were suspicious of harm to the children and they were taken to the father anyhow!  We all know what happened to those babies!

It’s tough to say this crime is worse than that crime.  It’s an impossible argument.  All crimes are dreadful but that is why we have judges.  They decide on what is acceptable and what isn’t.  Jerry has been allowed by a judge to see 11 of his grandkids and the 3 that he can’t see are involved in a divorce situation between their parents.  The former daughter-in-law doesn’t want them to see Jerry.  Does that surprise anyone?

I’m glad the judge didn’t say he had to stay indoors while  awaiting trial.  I’m glad he’s allowed to shovel his walk.  I’m glad he’s allowed to throw biscuits to his dog.  If he winds up going to trial and he’s found guilty- he won’t be enjoying any of those  things for a while.

There isn’t any way to make the punishment fit the crime!  But when we do punish someone let it be for a crime that we are as close to sure as we can be that they are the perpetrators.

The whole Penn State thing is sad.  Today I read it is going to cost them 3.2 million dollars.  I can’t figure that  out!  But I hope we don’t blame Sandusky for that too.  I’m glad we are angry about the abuse of young boys!  But I don’t want Jerry to be the whipping boy for all the anger and frustration we feel as a society.

I know it doesn’t really matter what I think.  I just have to speak up for the guy because I’m worried that we aren’t treating him like we treat other accused Americans.  I’ve got to say let the justice system work.




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