Valentine’s Day!

If Valentine’s Day makes you think of red cardboard hearts and cupid then really, you’ve got it all wrong!

If it makes you think of love!  Then, you are right, but remember the love of Saints  revered in the Catholic  Church is a very different kind of love than most of us would think of today.

The origins of the first Valentine are pretty muddied.  It seems like all we can say is that it was a name and he was likely martyred.  There are questions though about what exactly Valentine did and why is his feast associated with romantic love?!

I know not everyone is attached today.  I know that there are quite a number of folks who don’t have a significant other to cuddle with, or to buy flowers or candy for- but that isn’t what the holiday is about.  That is what flower shops and confectioners and card companies and jewelry companies have sold us on,but the truth is Valentine was a person who died probably because he loved his faith.

Don’t let today be about erotic love!  Let it be about the kind of love that you understand.  What is it you love?  What makes your heart sing?  What would you be happy to gaze at for hours upon hours?  What brings you pleasure?

I know today can make some people  feel downright sad because they don’t have someone to share their love with, but you know what?  This big old world needs a little extra love sometimes and if today makes you remember that you as a human being have a big heart then try to share your energy!

The experience of sharing intimate moments with a special person is unspeakably glorious, but if that was all that love was…well, I think the world would be a much duller place.  We are lucky that some people love music and so they perform it.  We are lucky that some people love art and so they create it.  We are lucky that some people love taking care of other people and so they become teachers, or parents, or mentors, or nurses and doctors.  Some people love building, others love planning.  All of these are expressions of true love too!   I  hope we don’t forget that even though no one talks about Valentine’s Day being a time to think about what love is.

I love taking time to sit here and think and I love sharing what I’m thinking.  It makes me feel connected to all of you who happen to stop by and read what I post.  Thank you.  Thank you for connecting.  Thank you for sharing with me.  I may not get to talk to you individually, but I know we are connecting.  I’m glad I am alive now when I get to share experiences with so many people.  I’m glad I can close my posts with…



Happy Valentine’s Day!  Celebrate your love- then share it.


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