How Do You Keep A Blog Going?

I’m not worried about how to keep my blog going, I worry about it stopping! 🙂

Some people come up with a great idea and they want to blog about it.  Maybe it’s how they’ve developed cooking skills, or maybe they want to blog about books they like reading, or maybe they want to blog about raising kids, or designing their gardens.  A lot of those folks are probably less interested in typing than they are in doing whatever activity they enjoy.  So when they don’t blog regularly or when they stop posting they’ll sometimes come back and they actually apologize online for being ” bad bloggers”.

They aren’t bad, they are busy living their lives and blogging isn’t as natural as breathing to them.

There are other people who like me do have several interests, but who like talking in visual form.  I am thinking as I write.  I store the information as I type it in my head for retrieval later.  I am in my head, but not because I type what I think.  I’m afraid this won’t make sense to some people, but I know that a lot of folks will understand exactly what I’m saying here.   I think better when I write!

My blog changes daily unless I’m busy doing something else really important to me- like having a weekend, or working, or reading a book, or going out into the world.  If on the other hand I am at home with my trusty netbook, then there is an awfully good chance I’m scoping news across the world and then typing what I think about it right here.

What I find might not interest you, but I can guarantee you that my blog will have a lot of diverse material in it.  I don’t even take the time to link to original leads.  That would take an enormous amount of time.  I think it’s probably safer to say “Google it”.

My blog will continue until I can’t use WordPress, or until I can’t move my fingers anymore, or my brain gives out on me.  I’ve got no tips for others on how to make my blog catch attention!  Well, I’ve got one.  POST REGULARLY.






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