A Search Engine That Says They Don’t Track You!

Everything we do is visible online.  Sometimes it probably doesn’t matter, but other times we might be a little put out if we found out we were being traced. For example, the other day I got a phone call at home.  It was from a company that was selling home diabetic supplies.  The woman on the phone spoke to me using my name. She then said she’d like me to think about using her company for my supplies and I said ” I don’t know what you are talking about.” Because I  don’t have diabetes and I’ve never needed to have any company send diabetic supplies to my home.

She was a little put off but she came back with further questions. She said ” Oh, well then, you must need adult personal care products.  And again I said, “hmmm, nope not that I know of.”  And then in an almost desperate voice she insisted with a question in her voice ” Then  you need Cpap Products?”   And I finished her off as kindly as I could by saying ” no, I’m sorry, but I don’t.”  She hung up on me!

I wondered about that conversation.  I mean how did she get my name and number in the first place?  Why did she think I had a need for those medical products?  Who tells these telephone sales people about the medical needs of potential clients?  And where did she get off acting as if I was tricking her by not accepting any of the products she was paid to sell?

I don’t have answers for any of those questions!  Cause honestly I don’t have anyone to ask.  I mean who am I going to go to?   I don’t have a doctor that would be prescribing diabetes meds for me.  I don’t have an account with a local pharmacy that might have sold my name to a pharmaceutical products company.  I’ve never bought supplies online which might have given me an idea about how a competitor could have gotten my information.  And my caller hung up on me before telling me why she thought I was a patient in need of her products!

My guess is that one of the algorithms that some of the search engines have developed  decided that some of my searches are similar to people who have diabetes.  Like I am sure that I  have checked out diet sites for diabetes but not for personal use.  I think I was checking diabetic diets out when I was looking for information on the Paleo diet.  Remember I tried those nasty whey pancakes?  But I didn’t do it because I have diabetes.  I did it because I happened to be worrying about that at the time, I mean I’m fat and that makes me think I will have ‘metabolic syndrome’ which could mean that someday I might have to worry about needing products at home to help me cope!  But sheesh, so far so good!

Anyhow, I have found a search engine that has fewer ads.  It also says that it isn’t tracking us!  It’s called Duck Duck Go!  I checked it out and I liked the results.

I still imagine I’m going to get phone calls or letters from the wrong marketing teams.  While it is a pain for me to get the calls, I think I’m sort of glad!



Once again, check out Duck Duck Go!





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