Anyone Want to Row At Final Results This Weekend For a Great Group?

I’m looking for some great hearts!  If you want to help a great group of kids at OJR finance their sport- they are the Crew team, then join me by giving me a call at 610-970-1367 to say you’ll show up and row on an ergonomic machine as part of their fund raiser!

Don’t all call at once either! 🙂

I have one crazy child who started rowing this year and despite all the muscle jarring workouts she tells me that she loves it!  So now, despite my own personal wishes, I’m going to have to go row a bit to save my darling from rowing her block of time all on her own.  ( The deal is each rower is supposed  to find at least 18 other rowers, but really  it’s all in fun!)

So, are there any champion rowers out there?  Is there anyone who used to row in college?  Want to try it out again this weekend with a bunch of great kids?  Then let me know.





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