Slab City!

This afternoon I signed onto You Tube to take a trip to California’s Slab City.

Oh, you don’t know anything about Slab City?  Well, sit back and take a moment to listen.

It is a place that used to be an old military base.  It was torn down but the concrete slabs for a lot of the buildings were just left out in the desert.  Now it is a hippie type campground.

Slab City has no water, no electric and no camp stores- well, not like normal camp stores.  Instead it has a lot of free thinking folks who live off the grid.  They gather together to play music, create art, have riotous games and just hang out with other like minded folks.

I got clued in to the fact that it even existed by reading another of my Kinsey Milhone books by Sue Grafton.  Kinsey has to go to Slab City to find someone.  I couldn’t continue reading the book without finding out whether there was a real Slab City!

I’ll post a video about it.

Honestly, I think it would be neat to have a place like that nearby, but when I found out that there might be some old radiation sites there…well I decided paying about 30 bucks a night for the luxury of a campsite without radiation isn’t that bad afterall.





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