Three Clowns and A Vision of Christ!

What a crazy title huh?

It refers to some decorations that I saw this past weekend while hunting for treasures at flea-market type stores.  We were up in the Antietam shopping  center at a place that advertises a lot online.  It’s sort of an indoor flea market.  And I thought it might be a good place to find things that well, you know, speak to me.

Turns out that the store  had lots of things but unfortunately, none of them were the kinds of things I wanted to have surrounding me at home!  Some of the prices were a little high on items that are honestly seriously out of date.  I mean it’s one thing to find something that is timeless.  It’s another thing when you find stuff that was mass produced and looks it!

That is where the clowns in the title come in.  At that shop there were these three really ugly clowns that I can only  imagine were all supposed to be part of a charming set, at least I guess it could have been charming  if you were a clown lover.  They were displayed right beneath a sweet and gentle image of Jesus and I pointed to them all  and I asked my hub if he thought that they’d make a  nice little tableau in our living room.  He didn’t even have to look at me to check if I was serious.  Immediately he started laughing.

We looked around a little more but the whole place was filled with the same sorts of rag tag items.  I know it sounds crazy to be snooty about buying items second hand but honestly, once you start looking around at those types of shops you can separate the winners from the losers in seconds flat!  And don’t you imagine that you have to pay more at “winner” locations!  It’s just that some places have more sophisticated donors!

Oh by the way, if anyone wants to know where I like going for bargains then all you have to do is ask!






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