Tube Tying A Sin!

Sterilization in order to prevent conception is against the ‘rules’ in the Catholic Church.  When the Catholic Bishops objected to the Obama Administration’s move to get contraceptive coverage for all women as a part of their insurance packages they didn’t explain that even tubal ligations or tube tying was also against their rules.

Here is a bit of a story from Philly.com-

“I think the teaching is quite clear, but there was a debate, beginning in the early 1970s, about whether this [surgery] could be considered a therapeutic option,” said John Brehany, executive director of the Catholic Medical Association, based in Bala Cynwyd. “Some people are [still] genuinely confused. They say, ‘Well, this isn’t a lady who wants sterilization because she’s selfish; she’s got a serious health condition’ that would make another pregnancy risky.

“But the teaching says if the direct purpose is to sterilize, that’s not acceptable,” he said.

The latest contraceptive controversy stems from the 2010 health reform law, which requires insurance plans to fully cover preventive health care, including contraception and sterilization, beginning in August.

The rule exempted churches, and was similar to mandates that already exist in 28 states, including New Jersey but not Pennsylvania. Nonetheless, Catholic leaders and many others called it an attack on the constitutionally protected right to religious expression.

The Catholic Church teaches that artificial contraception is immoral because marital sex must be open to the possibility of procreation.

I am one of the women that had a tubal ligation.  I’ve had 4 pregnancies.  3 were brought to term and one spontaneously aborted at about 11 weeks.  Each birth was ‘high risk’.  Each full term baby was delivered through C-section.  By the third C-section my womb was   stretched so thin that my husband who was present at the surgery could see our last child’s ear pressing through the taut uterus.  Whether it is true or not, the physician said that wasn’t good.  At that time we accepted that there was no real question about my having a tubal ligation. It happened prior to me being sutured.
Now it turns out that my tubal ligation was a ‘sin’ in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

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