Witchery in Chester County!

A local town is in the news for harboring witches!  Not the kind of witches that were hanged in Salem way back when, and not the kind of witches that were once tried by William Penn in Chester County- because according to their trial  they weren’t witches at all, they just resembled witches!   The old witch story was about a woman named Margaret Matson and her friend and I believe they were somewhere near West Chester.  She was accused of putting spells on cattle.  She was released after paying some fines and promising she’d be a good citizen because her jurors thought she only looked like a witch.

The new witches are living in Coatesville.  Well, honestly at this  point  we are just assuming they are witches but things would be more certain  if we were sure witches killed, burned and ate dogs!  I don’t know a lot about  witches but even the stories that I have heard have never talked about practitioners  that freeze dog heads and decorate with golden painted dog bones.

You know  even if it isn’t witchery going on it’s odd and that has got to be illegal right?

Hmmm.  I mean, honestly Wiccan practices these days make them sound sort of  like hippies for the most part anymore.  Sure they have some unusual practices, but hey, if you take a look at some Christians  this week you’ll find lots of them gorging themselves on doughnuts and some people are planning on dancing and asking for  plastic beads for showing their buxom Christian-ness.  That is weird too!

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Wouldn’t it be strange if just like the trial in the 1600’s these people were found to just look like witches and not actually be accused of having crafted any dark and terrible spells.





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