A Little Italian Market in Bucktown!

Today I went to the Montesano Bros. Bucktown Market and Cafe on Pottstown Pike near Route 100 and Route 23.  It was a lovely place.

A friend recommended I get in there and I kept putting it off.  How nice could it be?

Well, it’s really nice!  They have salads and homemade italian food products and fresh bread and party trays and little extras like pepper shooters and broccoli rabe.  They have tiramisu and biscotti and canoli.  Believe it or not they even have a sandwich named for Saint Thomas More which is sweet sausage, sauteed peppers and onions.

I could go on telling you about the food but it would be better if you, unlike me, really took a drive over there and treated yourself to lunch!  It’s a cafe setting with plenty of tables for a nice lunch

Their hours are 8 am till 7pm Monday through Saturday.  They are at 2228 Pottstown Pike and their number is 484-624-5066.

You can tell them I told you to come, but don’t you go thinking I get anything from spouting off about them!  I do it because they have a nice place there!  I do it because it reminds me of all the italian family dinners I got to go to where you didn’t dare leave the table hungry!

Oh, you can check them out online at http://www.montesanobros.net

Do it 🙂






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