Silly French Puppets Explain World News!

I don’t mean to be crass, but I found this video sort of silly.  The show is Les Guignols and it’s a show on French television  featuring puppets that is soooo not for children!

I wish I could translate accurately, but  roughly the skit starts with   a french leader telling his troops that they are going to work with the Americans.  By the way, the Americans always look like Rocky Balboa in all the skits at least most of the men do, women and world leaders actually look a little more unique.  In the next scene you are looking at the American line and you see the rebels shooting at the Americans.  Suddenly the Americans are looking for the help they are supposed to get and they see the help coming in the form of the French troops.

I couldn’t help but giggle when the french crab walk which must help them to save on the cost of protective gear.  One of the American soldiers mentions that there is something wrong with their helmets!

Just watch!


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