I Rowed!

Today was the row-a-thon for the OJR Crew team and it was a lot of fun.  For those of you who thought you might like to go, but you didn’t, you missed a great afternoon.

My daughter had to raise funds for her 18 slots!  The good news is we had some hearty rowers show up to make it easier on my munchkin, but for all  their hard work they all got some pretty cool prizes.  I think we walked out of there with puzzles, notepaper, drawing books, an electric car, some candles and a John Deere hat.  Oh I forgot there was also certificates for local restaurants that offered ten dollars of food!  Whoever did the gathering for the prize table for the rowers deserves a big  round of applause.

It was great that Final Results welcomed the party, cause that was what it was.  There was a DJ and lots of food.  I thought I was going to be killing myself rowing all afternoon and instead I had a couple of slices of pizza and rowed while laughing at all the other activity in the place.

I think I rowed for about 7 minutes.   But munchkin cheered me on and she said I didn’t suck! 🙂

Next time I invite you folks- Come!




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