Birth Control Isn’t Gendered!

I must admit I thought it was rather odd that the panel addressing birth control for Representative Issa was all male.  It seemed terribly out of touch to have a bunch of men sitting around discussing women’s bodies.

That was then, this is now!

Today I’m rethinking my position.  I read a couple of articles online about male birth control.  Now in case any of you are ready to head out and grab some let me warn you that currently the technology consists of a injection to your Vas Deferens, which in case you don’t know where that is…it isn’t a spot you’d naturally want to get an injection into.

It seems that there has been a lot of work over the past 30 years or so searching for the perfect male form of birth control.  The injections with a material that consists of something referred to as SMA, ( no kidding) are part of a system that allows an injection of something called RISUG, or a gel that is injected and then teased out of the area either with another injection of sodium bicarbonate, or with some very careful manipulation of the area.  ( HOW WEIRD IS THIS?)

So I look up what this material is and I find my mind absolutely blown.  Did you know that these materials are coming to us from the plastics industry?  Remember I was talking to you about nanoparticles?  Well, it’s the same industry that is creating these plastic gels.  Remember Jon Huntsman? Remember his father was a big guy because he came up with the idea for a styrofoam clamshell for Big Macs?  Guess which company is investing heavily in these manmade nanoplastics?

At first I thought to myself that it wasn’t at all possible that this material was hazardous.  Then I figured I might as well find a health and safety sheet on it and guess what?  It is hazardous!  It causes burns to skin and some people develop asthma that becomes more serious the more they are exposed to the material.  Wow.

So that is the stuff that they are thinking about injecting into men to make them less fertile.

It sort of makes me sad!  That is the kind of thing that makes me throw up a little!  When I looked for cancer cause concerns for this material it says that there aren’t any, but then there isn’t any of this material in nature either!  So I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out eh?



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