What Does a Fresh Avocado Look Like?

I just ate an avocado that tasted like, well, perhaps I better not say.  Since I’m not a big avocado eater I had no idea what the consistency of an avocado should be, nor did I know what a proper avocado should taste like!  So I have no idea about whether what I ate was good, or bad.   I just know it isn’t my favorite taste in the world, I can tell you that!

Why am I eating fruit that I am unfamiliar with?  Well, remember the other day I was writing about men’s birth control?  We got into discussing styrene maleic anhydrides or something like that…anyhow, I read further on the subject and I got into reading about sodium bicarbonate in the human body.

Let’s make a long story short and let me just say that I didn’t know that sodium bicarbonate was formulated in our bodies!  I thought it was baking soda.  End of story.  Instead, sodium bicarbonate opened up some serious questions for me about American diets.  I started looking at how acidic our diets were.  I wondered about whether diets were always so acidic.  I wondered if diets the world over were as acidic.

It was then that I stumbled onto the material that suggests that everyone who knows nutrition already knows what I was figuring out on my own.  Our diets are too acidic!  The tricky part is creating a balance and that isnt’ as easy as it looks.  Like in women you can use sodium bicarbonate to change blood levels and urine outputs, but in men you have to use potassium bicarbonate to get similar results.  Phew.  This medical stuff is complicated ain’t it?

I said I was going to keep this simple though didn’t I?  Okay, simply put our bodies are either acidic or alkaline, if we go too far in either direction we’ll wind up with potential illnesses.  So I started asking myself if there were simple ways to add bases or alkaline materials to our diets since I made this elementary guess that too much acid isn’t doing me any favors.  I found that a diet that looks remarkably like the Mediterranean diet features the kinds of foods that would potentially increase the base levels in your blood.

Heck, inhaling deeply and regularly will increase the alkaline level of your bloodstream!

Don’t you hate it when you arrive at Eureka moments AFTER someone has already explained all of this stuff and you were too busy paying attention to stupid things to listen?!

I’m going to make it a practice to add more foods that are on the high side of the scale when it comes to ph balance.  Avocados and apples and tomatoes and olives and green tea and yogurt and tomatoes and soy products, cabbage and lots of lettuce are all foods that are more alkaline.  Also garlic, green peas, peppers, pumpkins, radishes, cantaloupes pears, tangerines watermelons, almonds and chestnuts.

Sugar is an acid.  Milk is an acid.  Anything with citric acid is an acid.  Anything with phosphoric acid like soda is an acid.  Coffee is an acid.  Corn is an acid. Cranberries, Blueberries, Oat bran, crackers, bread,  flour, macaroni, chick peas, green beans, cashews, most meats.  BACON, pork, turkey, tuna, shrimp are all foods on the acidic side of the scale.

Anyhow, that is why I ate the avocado.  And it is why I’m asking if perhaps my avocado was just a little unripe?

Any answers?



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