Boscov’s Towel DoorBuster!

Boscov’s has a selection of towels that I’d recommend.  They aren’t ultra soft and you won’t find them in dreamy colors like amethyst or echo green, but they are absorbent and large enough to wrap around me  which is another way of saying they are a decent size at 30 x54 inches.

I got a bunch of them last year so we could take them to the shore with us.  My husband picked out the colors.  ( See the last post!)  Basically they are white towels with a color stripe.  Ours is an aqua stripe which reminded my significant other of the ocean!

I was just folding them yesterday and the ad in the local Boscov’s flyer reminds me that it’s been a whole year since I got them last!  And they still look relatively new.  You can’t beat that in a towel!

2.99?  100 percent cotton?

If you don’t buy them, you’ll be sorry! That is all I have to say!




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