Last Night Went To Union Jacks On The Manatawny!

Do you love the Manatawny?

Sometimes I love it, and other times I feel kind of blase’ about it.  I mean, when I was cleaning it, I felt a type of ownership about it.  When I worried about taking out the damn in Pottstown I felt worried about it.  When I walk through Memorial Park I feel proud of it, but when I’m waiting to cross it at any of it’s corresponding bridge intersections I just feel like it’s something akin to a storm drain.

How do you feel about it?

Last night after heading up to the new shops in Bally to see what their annual “board bid” was about.  We took a turn and headed over Manatawny Road to Union Jack’s.  I’d recommend the place- they have burgers and wraps and hot wings!

But I have to tell you I was struck as usual by the campy, and I think I mean to use that word, the campy style of the houses that back up to the creek.  It makes me think back to a time when homes would have been built there to take advantage of the water.  I just can’t imagine picking up my family from their city lodging and moving them out to  a house along a creek!

Times have obviously changed.

Well?  What do you think of the Manatawny?



PS, I know no one is going to answer me!  I know you are going to read my blog and you are going to move along- and I think that is a very smart thing to do!  Just remember this is a real person, ( me) writing these posts.   I’m not telling you to go to Union Jack’s because someone paid me.  I’m telling you because I like drinking their “Squirrel Monkey” cocktail and I like their hot wings!

Double Love!



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