Free “Onboard” Tool From AAA

I read about this new tool for monitoring the speed with which your teen drives.  Take a moment to check it out!

The device won’t keep your kids from speeding — but it will let you know if they do.


AAA’s GPS device, called Onboard, plugs into most cars.  It allows you to set limits, such as a curfew, and then sends you a message if that limit has been violated.


“If we wanted to know what time he left school, or what time he got to the mall or whatever, it gives you the ability to go day by day,” said David Kilzares, a spokesman for AAA.


Onboard uses wireless technology to pinpoint a car’s location for parents of young drivers.


Parents can also program the device with a maximum speed, geographic boundaries and curfews.


“I’ve been getting actually a number of alerts, that the vehicle has exceeded the speed that was set earlier,” said Cletus Nunes, a developer of Onboard for AAA.


If the parameters are broken, parents will receive an email or text message.


AAA says the device isn’t about parents spying on their children, it’s about safety.


“The hope is that through the various tools that are available to the parent, they will be able to have conversations about safety, and be able to talk to their teen about speeding and driving past curfews, and other key aspects,” said Nunes.


Teenagers may hate it, but driving is a privilege, especially if they’re driving mom and dad’s car.


“Onboard” is free to parents who have a AAA membership and have a teen driver on their auto insurance policy.


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