Maybe Ultrasounds Aren’t Completely Safe!

Whenever I hear that something is completely safe I experience a very uncomfortable itchy feeling that asks ” Can that possibly be true?”  I mean is there anything in this world that is completely safe?

Recently we are hearing about transvaginal ultrasounds being used to show women who are opting for an abortion what their baby looks like in the womb.  I suppose it is intended to inform women about their child, or their potential child.  There is also a lot of buzz around that says that ultrasounds are completely safe and that no harm can come from getting them.

That made me suspicious so I decided to go on a hunt.  What I found actually confirmed my worries.  There are concerns about the bioeffects that go along with ultrasounds.  Here is a page that you might find interesting.  It’s talking about using microbubbles as a kind of contrast agent in the human body.  The problem with using this commercially available contrast agent is that there are gas pockets that are formed in the heating and pressure created through ultrasound use.  Those gas pockets can sort of explode and there may well be blood loss, and cell loss, some of those cells are not replaced.

I’m not trying to frighten women who might need to get a transvaginal ultrasound.  I’ve had one myself during one of my pregnancies and my child has turned out perfectly fine as far as anyone could tell.  But does that mean I think it’s okay for a state like Virginia or Pennsylvania to tell all women that they need to have the additional test to show them their fetus just because it might change their hearts when they are thinking about an abortion?

NO.  I think there are “medically necessary reasons” for needing to get an ultrasound done.  But it shouldn’t be recommended for all women unless the research shows that absolutely NO HARM will come of it.

Listen up PA officials!  If you harm a baby, even if you didn’t know that your decisions would cause harm?  That is going to be a really difficult thing for people to get over!  Which is why I would prefer these decisions be left to people in the fields that they are experts in and not left to a bunch of elected officials who are being led by the business of the whole thing.

Did you know that adding a 200 dollar Ultrasound scan to most women’s pregnancies would add a billion dollars a year to health costs?

Just think about it!






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