Local Taxes? Not First Niagara’s Responsibility!

The other day we got our local bills for per capita taxes in my community of North Coventry.  Everyone over 18 owes!  It’s no fun to get those taxes but hey, what can you do.

My husband opened the bills and read the fees.  Strangely we got an extra bill tucked into our notices. It was for another taxpayer in North Coventry.

” What do I do with this?” He wondered?  “I mean, if I don’t get it to this person will they know that they even were billed?”

He decided he’d go pay our bills and drop the other notice off at the place where we were instructed to pay our taxes.

When he got there he paid our bills and then handed the teller the extra bill saying it was delivered to our house in error.  The teller took the bill and went to ask the manager what to do.  After two seconds of thought they said it wasn’t their responsibility and we should take it to the tax office, which according to the paperwork was in Pittsburgh.

Fortunately this is the 21st century and there is an app for that kind of problem.  My husband just tapped the address of our neighbor that didn’t get their bill into his phone app.  Voila! He drove up to their house, knocked on the door and tried to explain the situation.

Why am I mentioning this?  Well, to remind people that this is the time for local per capita taxes and that if you don’t get yours, no one is going to accept that you didn’t know you had to pay it.  Remember, it is never anyone else’s  fault or responsibility!

Second, I thought it was worthwhile to mention that you can have extra taxpayers information in your little mailed packets.  It’s  worth  checking out!

Third, I thought it was horrible that the bank was willing to accept our cash, but not willing to accept a mistake that the taxing authority had made.  How hard would it have been for them to make a phone call?

I guess we could have simply stuck it into the mail with one of those window envelopes, actually my husband thought of that, but who has window envelopes sitting around the house?

Hmmm, banks do!




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