Naturally Organic Food in Phoenixville!

I’ve been thinking about food lately especially who has it and who needs it.  So when I found that Robert Ryan Catering in Phoenixville sent me an email about their interest in food I was glad to read their email.

They decided to head over to the Kimberton Waldorf School which has a program where they make healthy organically grown soup and they share it with St Peter’s Church in Phoenixivlle.  How cool is that?

Read about it here.

Kimberton Waldorf School – Food for Thought

With over 160 schools, Kimberton is the second oldest Waldorf Institution in the United States. They have a two-acre organic garden that is an integral part of the curriculum. Students are involved in growing the veggies, collecting crops and composting waste so they experience the full food cycle. Since Robert Ryan Catering focuses heavily on green initiatives and also practices the full food cycle, we were determined to lend a helping hand where we could best, IN THE KITCHEN!

On a strangely warm Wednesday morning in February, I (Angela Corrado-Marketing Director) took a short drive to the Kimberton Waldorf School located on 420 acres of rolling hills. The historic buildings are nestled among their garden, a bubbling creek and a dairy farm across the street. However, that was nothing compared to the wonderful people I met upon stepping through the kitchen doors.

Hands washed, bandana fitted and apron tied, four of us got to chopping vegetables. By the end, there was a 10 person crew, all volunteers working together to create a lovely organic meal for the students. These gracious contributors participate on a daily basis for the students, and on some days, for others in need.

Karen Flores, the kitchen manager, developed a unique “Food for Thought” program that not only provides soup for the growing students but also for St. Peter’s Food Pantry, shut-ins, people recovering from surgery and, in one case, a woman who had triplets and no support network. Having a special affection for the elderly, Karen even agreed to provide soup to St. Peter’s Place on a weekly basis. The soup is always made fresh and chock full of organic vegetables.

Neither Karen nor Kimberton Waldorf receive any funding for this effort. Food donations are always welcomed but communication is key since the ingredients must be organic.




Karen Flores: Kitchen Manager

Phone: 610-933-3635 ext. 133



Glass Pint Jars

Large Stainless Steel Stock Pots








1 thought on “Naturally Organic Food in Phoenixville!”

  1. Thank you so much for reading about our program and sharing it! We run tours open to community members twice a month and would love to have you for a visit. The next tour is this Wednesday, March 14 from 8:30-9:30am. Please let me know if you would like to attend!

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