My Brooms Are Standing Upright!

I have to admit that I am a fool  for things that seem like magic.  When I heard that people were busy standing brooms upright in the middle of the room I decided I had to try it.

My broom stood upright!

Now you may not believe it’s true, but it is true!  Go get your own broom and play with it.  I have two, one is an angled broom with plastic bristles, it must be a couple of years old at least and when I tried to stand it, it just stood on it’s own!  I tried another broom that has pretty mashed up bristles and I was sure it wasn’t going to work- I was wrong!

Then I balanced an egg and I tried to balance a fork. The fork was a little harder to balance, but I got it to stand on it’s own for a couple of milliseconds.

Some people would say that this is the result of a strange alignment- perhaps the spring equinox.  Others say that this kind of thing can happen every single day and the only thing interesting about it is that everyone foolishly believes it can only happen a couple of times a year!

I am not sure where I stand.  I mean I’m kind of surprised to experience that feeling that I’ve had a few times today when I just knew the object was going to stand on it’s own.   What is that feeling?  What could possibly make me feel positive about another object standing upright?  How can I possibly have any physical knowledge about an object that I can’t see the bottom of?  How do I know when I’ve got it right?

I can’t answer those questions.  What I can say is that I have, and I imagine most people have an awareness that they aren’t paying much attention to most of the time.  Our sense of balance is pretty important to us, but we rarely think about it.

Go try to balance your broom.  I’m not joking!  They can be balanced.  I can’t guarantee that it will always happen, but I can tell you that I read here online that people were doing it and I tried it myself and voila!  Folks weren’t kidding!




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