Afghan Shooting!

I  am going to be direct and say I have no expertise in foreign relations.  I’ve never been in the military and I don’t know a thing about our ‘war’ in Afghanistan.  However, the whole country has probably heard about the Sergeant that went off his base in the early hours on Sunday and killed men, women and children.   It’s horrifying.

I think we’ve all gotten used to the idea that in war people die.  In war there are casualties.  Civilians get killed during raids and attacks.   Mistakes happen.  But this situation is none of the above!  This was an apparently trusted soldier who lost his mind and shot and supposedly set fire to victims!

When I heard it on the news today I heard the announcer, or radio journalist saying that 16 men, women and children were killed.  Okay, that struck me as odd.  The total number of people who were killed was between 12 and 16 and yet, the news was making it seem like the number of civilians killed was higher.

This evening the talk is about how this guy went to nearby villages and burst into houses shooting and killing innocents.  But, unless the news I got earlier is absolutely wrong- he broke into one house and shot eleven people including women and children!  In another house he shot 4 people who were part of one family and a child friend was staying with them.  To me that sounds like the total number of households was 2.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s just as insane to break into 2 people’s homesteads and kill innocents- but why are we getting such divergent stories?

What I’m afraid of since I’m sort of a small town girl, is that there are some pretty big issues here.  A lot is riding on America either being engaged with the Afghans, or on our not being engaged.  I can’t imagine that this horrible incident was staged, but now that it’s happened, my question is are we being as honest as we need to be as security builders in Afghanistan?

I’m not trying to suggest anything!  I just hope that people listen really hard to what the facts are before we start making up our minds on what we should do to handle this situation.



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