Cleaning Up The Story On Tide Thefts!

It’ a shame I don’t get paid for digging for inside stories!  Like in the news today you’ll hear about the newest threat to our consumer society! Let’s call the new threat ” The Amazing Tide thefts”.

Yes, Tide laundry detergent is apparently being stolen in such quantities that stores like CVS have to put a lock down on the detergent.  Across the nation news outlets are reporting on the Tide thefts!

It’s enough to make shoppers panic. What if my favorite brand of clothing detergent gets stolen too?  What if I have to use a generic product?  What will happen to my white whites? And what about my bright colors?  It’s hair raising!

But then I take a second and I think, wait a minute, this is stupid!  Most retail organizations don’t separate out what gets removed from their sales floor due to thefts!  When Tide changes it’s packaging, stores don’t keep the old jugs out on the floor!  When someone opens a bottle and doesn’t put the cap back on, no one arrests them.  When a skid of them gets damaged no one instantly fires the employee who did it.  There is more to this story than meets the eye!  There has to be!

This is the kind of tale that makes my ears prick and my eyes narrow.  It’s not that I don’t think that retail stores have to deal with theft- it’s that I’m suspicious that we are being fed this information because there is an agenda! So in a quick internet search, because I have access to the interwebs 🙂  I have found something that makes me want to read more!

In an article from last year I found information about Tide being shipped to Cambodia! I also found that there were several Pawn shops that were busy selling discounted detergent and items like Oil of Olay, or razors for cents on the dollar.  It seems that it is an expensive proposition to fight the petty crime that most shoplifters involve themselves in.   Most of them, who are serious lifters know how much they can take before the store thinks it’s worth taking them to court over.

Hmmmm, so, stores aren’t sure how much of their losses are from theft in the first place.  Second, there are organizations making big dollars on lifting product from local stores.  Third, some of this product is going overseas!  And fourth, there are some new laws being proposed to put more teeth in this type of “petty crime”.

I’ll find out which laws we are talking about specifically!  But isn’t it sort of disgusting that we have to hear about Proctor and Gamble’s detergent distribution problem when we pick up the news or listen to the radio or TV?

Why make this MY problem?????  Remember, these companies products are being cherry picked because they are expensive!  Tide’s marketing folks are laughing all the way to the bank when this hits the world news!






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