I’m Wearing My Bunny Sweatshirt So Hah!

Quite a few years ago, maybe even a decade past already, my Mom gave me a sweatshirt with a couple of bunny rabbits heat sealed to the front of it.  It’s really Kmart chic.    I’ve got to admit though, that  my bunny sweatshirt has been my favorite choice almost every single time I wanted to just kick around and feel cozy.  It’ hard to explain…I  guess I feel about it the same way other folks feel about their favorite old really ugly holiday sweaters.  It makes me feel homely in a good way!

Over the years my sweatshirt,( hah, I left the “r” out of shirt while typing)  ahem, my sweatshirt has been relegated to the pile of clothes I only wear around the house but today I felt like wearing it!  Unfortunately  I also  had to go to work!   Guess what I did?  That is right.  Today I wore my bunny sweatshirt to work!

It turns out no one seemed to care!  Well, actually that isn’t entirely true, I CARED, because it got awfully hot out and it’ hard to comfortably pull off wearing a dark blue sweatshirt with snow hares on it when it’s close to 70 degrees outside.

But I did it!




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