I’m Feeling A Little Angry!

I just checked my email and I got this important notice from this person who wants me to get upset about Rush Limbaugh possibly being banned from Armed Forces Radio.

This person reminded me and everyone else her message was sent to that liberals have been “attacking” women from time immemorial and that Rush said he was sorry!

You know what? I’m tired of the ‘b-word’ and the ‘c-word’ and the ‘w-word’. I’m tired of hearing that women are sluts.  I’m tired of women being lumped together like some faceless, formless mass.  I’m tired of women being measured and judged and harassed.  I’m tired of women having it done to them, and I’m tired of the women that do it to each other and to themselves.  I don’t think I can get much more disgusted.

I’m a woman.  I’m not Hilary.  I’m not Mother Theresa.  I’m a mother, and a wife, and a sister and a daughter.  I’m an employee, and a taxpayer,  I’m a member of my community.

I will not stand up for the right of anyone to vilify another human being!  I won’t do it for liberals, and I won’t do it for conservatives, nor will I do it for grassroots independents!

I’m tired of it.  As a matter of fact, I’m so tired of it I am drawing my line in the proverbial sand!  This is the end!  I will not stand by and have women attacked for being women!

It’s time for the puerile jokes to end.  It’s time for adults to remember that they need to be civil with one another.  Can it truly be possible that mature adults can’t see that it is wrong to use sexual slurs against anyone!  When people are talking respectfully we need to honor them.  As for the people that are getting paid to titillate- I won’t stand up for them!  They are paid to be loud and overbearing and I guess they’ll get their due when society as a whole decides that their language and tone is contemptible.

Did I say it clearly enough?  I’m done!







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