According To The Power That Is Within Us!

A friend of mine suggested I read Ephesians 3:20 today.  When she told me I felt a little stab of discontent  because for just a few seconds I allowed my pride to blind me to what she was saying.  I couldn’t remember what Ephesians 3:20 was about.  I’m terrible at remembering  particular verses  and so I felt, well, I felt irritated for a second because I wished I had a photographic memory of that  passage.   Still,  I didn’t, and it bugged me.

Isn’t that odd.  It’s really pretty evident, especially after reading it,  that my heart wasn’t in the right place.   Rather than just take her suggestion as a good piece of advice, I balked.  What’s new eh?

Today I had a change of heart.  I kept thinking about Ephesians 3:20, mostly because I had no idea what it said.  So I grabbed my trusty laptop and I  found it. I read it and I thought about it.  My friend was right.  It is a powerful verse.

It is a statement of thanks.  It’s an acknowledgement of God’s work and power in our lives.  It says God made us family and we each act according to the power of his grace that is within us.  God, embodied in Christ, touches us and we have the potential to do great things through that experience of true love.

Pretty powerful stuff.

I don’t have a photographic  memory of the Bible.  I also don’t understand most theology.   But I do get the beauty of the concept that anything is possible with God.





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